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La traviata

Highlights & other Opera Hits
La traviata
Highlights & other Opera Hits

The show

A wide selection of La Traviata melted with other Great Hits of the Opera. The most beautiful and moving pages taken from Verdi's masterpiece and from the operas of other great composers like Bellini, Donizetti, Puccini who made the history of music. A show Rome Opera Concerts style in which the audience surrounds the stage! After the concert a free Aperitivo with the artists!

Based on the experience of Opera Greatest Hits and Romantic Piano, our top rated bestseller that needs no advertising, we have arranged to put inside the concert, after a few opera arias and duets, and before the grand finale dedicated to the most beautiful and famous Neapolitan songs, a wide La Traviata selection of more than half an hour, with costumes and scenes "in the round", with the seats arranged all around the artists.

A few meters from the center of Rome with its noble palaces that refer to Traviata years with reminiscences of rich, huge and sparkling ballrooms, come to relive the story of Violetta Valery and her lover Alfredo Germont. You will listen to “Sempre libera” and “Parigi o cara” having the performers at a feet distance!

La traviata

The Romantic opera par excellence

La traviata is one of Giuseppe Verdi’s masterpieces set to an Italian booklet by Francesco Maria Piave. It is based on La Dame aux camélias (1852), a play adapted from the 1848 novel by Alexandre Dumas fils.
The story was also brought on movie screens in the 30’s as "Marguerite Gauthier" by George Cukor starring Greta Garbo, John Barrymore and his brother Lionel Barrymore.

After the great success of Verdi’s Rigoletto, premiered in La Fenice Theatre in Venice in 1851 the same theatre offered a new commission to which that gave birth to La traviata.
Verdi wanted it to be represented in a contemporary setting (of mid 1800) but the Fenice Theatre forced him to set it in 17th century.

The premiere happened to be a complete failure. The opera gained success only after one year being represented in another venetian Theatre.
In the last five seasons Traviata had been the most popular Lyric Opera worldwide with more than 600 representations.

La traviata

The Story

Violetta Valéry, a young Parisian courtesan, for Alfredo’s love decides to change her life, to abandon Paris, its luxuries and its transgressions, and to move to the countryside. There the two lovers live happily, but one day Alfredo's father, Giorgio Germont, arrives: he asks Violetta to leave Alfredo forever because their unbecoming cohabitation risks blowing up the marriage of his other daughter, Alfredo's sister.

Violetta tries to oppose it, but in the end, convinced by Germont father, she writes a farewell letter to Alfredo, explaining that she misses Paris and his former life. Alfredo, shocked by anger and disappointment, joins her and publicly offends her by throwing money at her feet. Violetta, sick with consumption, is now dying when Alfredo, having come to know the truth, goes to ask her for forgiveness. After seeing him for the last time, Violetta dies.

A unique experience

Take part to an absolutely unique experience: the stage is located in the middle of the rows of seats and the audience feel like being part of the action. Like watching a 3D movie you will see the singers surround you while singing and acting: small venue, limited audiences, the audience close to the artists and top level performances.

You will be guided in your experience on La traviata and on the other musical pieces performed with a summary of the history, explanations and anecdotes in English.

Immediately after the impressive show, you will have the opportunity to meet the artists drinking Prosecco in the pleasant setting of a free Aperitivo, a small reception to round off your evening in a quintessentially Italian way. The free Aperitivo after the concert is a characteristic of Rome Opera Concerts to increase the sense of a "private event" through the opportunity to meet the artists and to know what they are trying to do with their performances. The Rome Opera Concerts free Aperitivo is very simple: some "mini pizzas" with tomato sauce and some good sparkling wine (Spumante or Prosecco). The secret ingredient is friendship: to put sincere enthusiasm in making music and meeting the audience.

An experience for everyone

The show La Traviata - highlights & other Opera Hits suits everybody:

  • people who are not familiar with Opera but want to approach it;
  • kids and youngs; thanks to a program which is fluent, catchy and various and for the English explainations and anecdotes;
  • connoisseurs and music lovers, thanks to the high quality of our concerts and shows;
  • tourists who want to taste in Rome Lyric Opera along with the Italian food and wine.

Dates and Prices 2021 - 2022

La traviata - Highlights and other Opera Hits


Due to the situation caused by Covid-19 we have not yet been able to define our 2021-2022 musical season. We look forward to doing this as soon as possible.

Ticket price

Show and free Aperitivo
A1) Adults € 30
A2) Youngs(*) € 20
A3) Kids(**) FREE
(*) 13-26 years old, with ID
(**) Under 13, with ID

Opera in Rome with dinner

The show La traviata - highlights & other Opera Hits includes un Option of Dinner or Light Dinner at the Zagara Restaurant, a two-minute walk from our hall.


Timetable and other info

  • The doors open 15 minutes before the start of the show.
  • The show lasts about 75 minutes and is without interval.
  • Free Aperitivo with the artists in the 30 minutes following the end of the show.
  • No dresscode requested.
  • The hall is fully accessible for wheelchairs.


Piazza di Ponte Sant'Angelo 68, Rome (Italy).
A few meters from Sant'Angelo Castel and the St. Peter's Basilica.


Box office

Piazza di Ponte Sant'Angelo 68, Rome (Italy).
On the day of the show, from 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM.


La Traviata in Rome

La Traviata
highlights & other opera hits

A wide selection of Verdi's La Traviata with costumes and scenes. Following the Greatest Hits of the Opera and Neapolitan songs. Free Aperitivo with Prosecco after the concert.

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Opera and Dinner by Rome Opera Concerts

and Opera in Rome

An evening full of pleasure and relaxation with different Dinner options. Before or after the concert/show at the Zagara Restaurant, a two-minute walk from our hall.

Dinners can be purchased using the appropriate Buy buttons of the concerts and shows that include them.

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