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 Small venue, limited audience close to the artists and top level performances! 

Alessandro Fantini and Giovanni Velluti

RomeOperaConcerts promotes Opera and Classical Music by staging, in the Heart of Rome, a Concert Season that takes place from the beginning of March to the end of November, with performances every week. Special concerts are held over the Christmas period.

After 3 years of activity and over 120 performances, the concerts and shows of RomeOperaConcerts are the Highest Rated on major platforms.

RomeOperaConcerts is Rated First on Tripadvisor since 2018 in the category Theater & Concerts in Rome and received TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice 2020 award for its achievements in the 2019 season, before the stop imposed by Covid-19.

The founders

Founded in 2017 by the tenor Alessandro Fantini and the pianist Giovanni Velluti, two Roman musicians, with international careers, RomeOperaConcerts aims to bring high quality Classical Music Concerts and Opera in Rome, in the full Heart of the City.

What to expect from RomeOperaConcerts

The RomeOperaConcerts style

We are quality addicted and we trust in the real Italian Style

The Italian Style is made of astonishing creativity and abundance so, if during the Aperitivo which follows the concert you like our prosecco please ask for some more. No problem if you want one more glass, not at all.

Our aim is to allow you to live an experience as it was during the nineteenth century Grand Tour.

We want you have something like a private concert in which you can nearly touch the performers and so be involved in something we could call a 3D concert.

Giovanni and Alessandro are used to ten times larger venues in their concerts (apart from the TV shows).

Giovanni performed in an Open Air concert in Bologna with the Soprano Katia Ricciarelli having four thousand people crowded in a big Piazza, and Alessandro sang in some of the major Italian and European opera houses, among which the Teatro Comunale in Florence, the Teatro Regio in Turin, the Opéra-Comique in Paris.

Why a recital with piano accompaniment?

In the greatest seasons of concerts (Metropolitan NY, Covent Garden London, Santa Cecilia Rome, Scala Milan, etc.) a singers concert will be accompanied only by complete orchestra or piano solo. No string quartets, strings and piano and so on.
That's the state of the art!
Learn more about performing Opera Concerts.

From RomeConcerts to RomeOperaConcerts

To be more easily found on the Web

During 2020 we have decided to change our brand from "RomeConcerts" to "RomeOperaConcerts" and consequently to move our website from the "" domain to the "" domain.

That's why you will find reviews and other stuffs up to October 2020 referring to us as RomeConcerts, but we are always the same people!

Since we have always enjoyed a close and friendly bond with our audience, we have often been told by customers that it was difficult to find us on the Web and especially to find us again if they did not note the result of the search carried out on Google or on other engines of research.

In fact, when you search for "rome concerts" Google shows all the concerts - of any kind - that you can attend in Rome, and not just classical or opera concerts.

So in almost all the searches we were confused in the overall offer of Rome concerts - along with pop, country, rock, etc. - that is, together with genres very different from ours and very far from what our audience expected to find.

So we thought that "RomeOperaConcerts" would be a more recognizable new brand, but still similar to our original name "RomeConcerts".

And finally, the addition of the word "opera", in addition to making our attention to Italian opera better understood, should allow us to find ourselves much more easily on the Web with searches such as "rome opera".


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