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Highlights & Best Opera Hits
Highlights & Best Opera Hits

The show

A wide selection of Tosca melted with other Great Hits of the Opera. The most beautiful and moving pages taken from Puccini's masterpiece and from the operas of other great composers like Verdi, Rossini, Donizetti, who made the history of music. A show RomeOperaConcerts style!
After the concert a free Aperitivo with the artists!

Based on the experience of Opera Greatest Hits and Romantic Piano, our top rated bestseller that needs no advertising, we have arranged to put inside the concert, after a few opera arias and duets, and before the grand finale dedicated to the most beautiful and famous Neapolitan songs, a wide Tosca selection of more than half an hour, with costumes and scenes, as you see in the pictures.

Come to relive the story of Floria Tosca and her lover Mario Cavaradossi. You will listen to “E lucevan le stelle” and "Vissi d’arte" having the performers at a feet distance!


The Roman opera par excellence

Tosca is the Roman lyric opera par excellence. The story of Tosca takes place in Rome, at the time of the fall of the first Roman Republic on a precise date: Saturday, 14 June 1800, the day of the Battle of Marengo, in which Napoleon's army triumphed on the Austrians.

The first act is set in the church of Sant'Andrea della Valle, the second in Palazzo Farnese and the third in Castel Sant'Angelo.

A unique experience

Small venue, limited audiences, the audience close to the artists and top level performances.

You will be guided in your experience on Tosca and on the other musical pieces performed with a summary of the history, explanations and anecdotes in English.

Immediately after the impressive show, you will have the opportunity to meet the artists drinking Prosecco in the pleasant setting of a free Aperitivo, a small reception to round off your evening in a quintessentially Italian way. The free Aperitivo after the concert is a characteristic of RomeOperaConcerts to increase the sense of a "private event" through the opportunity to meet the artists and to know what they are trying to do with their performances. The RomeOperaConcerts free Aperitivo is very simple: some "mini pizzas" with tomato sauce and some good sparkling wine (Spumante or Prosecco). The secret ingredient is friendship: to put sincere enthusiasm in making music and meeting the audience.

An experience for everyone

The show Tosca - highlights & Best Opera Hits suits everybody:

  • people who are not familiar with Opera but want to approach it;
  • kids and youngs; thanks to a program which is fluent, catchy and various and for the English explainations and anecdotes;
  • connoisseurs and music lovers, thanks to the high quality of our concerts and shows;
  • tourists who want to taste in Rome Lyric Opera along with the Italian food and wine.


Tosca, a Roma, what else?

TripAdvisor score

Interessante trasposizione del capolavoro pucciniano, eseguito davanti alla possente mole di Castel Sant'Angelo, dove Puccini aveva immaginato il finale della sua opera. Ottimo spettacolo per chi volesse accostarsi per la prima volta al mondo della Lirica, ma anche per appassionati melomani. Le voci sicure dei cantanti garantiscono la buona riuscita della messa in scena.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Oct 24, 2019 by Carlo Di Clemente

Tosca among us

TripAdvisor score

Original presentation of Puccini's masterpiece, just opposite Chateau Saint Ange, in a Methodist church, the characters literally lived between us, the spectators. An unproven sensation and direct contact with theatrical action. Essential staging and very faithful to the score, finally! Impeccable singers, especially the tenor Alessandro Fantini who sang the great air of the third act well, E lucevan le stelle. And the stars really shone this night, thanks to the professionalism of the artists. Bravo!!!

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Oct 21, 2019 by Ginko699 (France), 21 oct 2019


TripAdvisor score

Excellent performance, I really loved the main characters, the place where the Opera was performed and the intensity of the whole experience.
Looking forward for the next one!!!
Great job.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Oct 21, 2019 by Francesco S

Tosca parmi nous

TripAdvisor score

Originale présentation du chef d'oeuvre de Puccini, juste en face du Chateau Saint Ange, dans une église méthodiste, les personnages vivaient littéralement entre nous, les spectateurs. Une sensation jamais prouvée et un contact directe avec l'action théatrale. Mise en scène essentielle et très fidèle à la partition, enfin!
Chanteurs impeccables, surtout le ténor Alessandro Fantini qui a chantédivinement bien le grand air du troisième acte, e lucevan le stelle. Et les étoiles réellement reluisaient cette nuit, grace à la professionalité des artistes.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Oct 21, 2019 by ginko699

Tosca, by Giacomo Puccini, in the round

TripAdvisor score

Rome, October 14, 2019, great emotions in Piazza di Ponte Sant'Angelo, with the staging of the "TOSCA" one of the most popular works of the melodramatic repertoire.
Minimal and essential but extremely original set up: a circular arrangement of seats with respect to the stage where spectators are an integral part of the scene .... magnificent!
The Tenor, Alessandro Fantini, in the role of Cavaradossi, fully convinced the audience by thrilling him with his splendid treble! ... ..
Simply ... great professional!

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Oct 18, 2019 by Anna D

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TripAdvisor score

Un'idea ambiziosa e apparentemente irrealizzabile: rappresentare Tosca in una chiesa metodista con una scenografia ridotta all'osso, un pianoforte e soltanto cinque personaggi... Invece il miracolo è avvenuto! La capacità ed il talento dei cantanti, del pianista e degli organizzatori hanno realizzato uno spettacolo, a mio avviso, superbo. Bravissimi tutti. Alla fine dello spettacolo,uscendo dalla chiesa, Roma ci regala la meravigliosa vista notturna di Castel Sant'Angelo che, dopo il terzo atto di Tosca, diventa sicuramente indimenticabile. Che cosa si può chiedere di più?

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Oct 17, 2019 by Giovanni M


TripAdvisor score

Una esperienza fantastica...è come stare sul palco del teatro insieme a loro... un pianista eccezionale, la soprano veramente eccezionale, senza nulla togliere agli altri cantanti...grazie

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Oct 15, 2019 by Sergio C

Noche de encanto

TripAdvisor score

Ya había tenido ocasión de oír un concierto de RomeConcerts Opera Greatest Hits in Rome, y el nivel fue excepcional, pero veo que también Tosca sigue manteniendo la calidad. Excelentes cantantes situados a dos o tres metros del público. Una sensación única. Es como participar en directo a la actuación. Hay que verlo absolutamente.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Set 16, 2019 by juan d

Wundervolle Tosca im besten Veranstaltungsort!

TripAdvisor score

Während unsere Reise in Rom wollten wir unbedingt ein Oper anschauen gehen. Wir haben uns für diese entschieden. Eine der besten Erlebnisse in Rom! Die Tosca in der Nähe der Orten der Oper (erster Akt in einer Kirche, der zweite am Palazzo Farnese, der dritte an der Engelsburg). Die Einleitungen die am Anfang jedes Aktes stattfinden sind sehr wertvoll. Es ist wunderschön so nahe bei den Sängern zu sein! Hervorragend, empfohlen!

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Set 16, 2019 by T9745JKfreddy

A great night out!

TripAdvisor score

We decided to take part in this event as I am in love with Tosca and listening to it in Rome could not provide a better setting !! The artists are very professional and provide very useful and interesting insights.... And the opera is brillantly put in the scene ...Definitely a very original night out in the Eternal City!

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Set 13, 2019 by Patrizia P


TripAdvisor score

Une belle représentation de Tosca près de Castel S. Angelo.
Les chanteurs sont si proches de vous que vous pouvez les toucher!
Il semble qu'ils chantent juste pour vous. Les voix sont sublimes
Opéra à ne pas rater.
Viva Puccini!

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Set 9, 2019 by Marianne C

Marvellous Tosca! Recommended

TripAdvisor score

I’ll never forget... I’ve seen Tosca in a space in front of Castel Sant’Angelo. A masterpiece seated near the artists. The tenor Alessandro Fantini, has an unbelievable wonderful voice, the soprano, Monica Cucca has interpreted in a marvellous way.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Jun 8, 2019 by LucyRome

Recommended: a real gem

TripAdvisor score

I accidentally discovered this Tosca, which left me really satisfied, even though I didn't have high expectations. The opera, my favorite, is represented almost entirely, in an essential but suggestive way, in a small church opposite Castel Sant'Angelo. The acoustics are good and the main interpreters are exceptional. The interpretation of "E lucevan le stelle" by the tenor was particularly moving.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor Jun 7, 2019 by reblanc

Tosca intense and exciting

TripAdvisor score

The main performers have all entered the character perfectly, creating an engaging and full of energy atmosphere. Excellent musical level, voices with a beautiful Puccini tone and a noteworthy singing technique. A special mention must be made for the splendid soprano, who knew how to classify all the fragility and, at the same time, Tosca's courage. Not to be missed.

Reviewed on TripAdvisor, in Italian, May 29, 2019 by Fabio D

A small hidden treasure...

TripAdvisor score

Last night, As I stepped into the Methodist Church in Piazza di Ponte Sant'Angelo for this performance of Tosca, I honestly had no too big expectations. At the end I can say I was wrong, since the show was really amazing. In one hour and a half you can enjoy an important selection of the most famous and representative scenes and arias from the Opera without the feeling to have missed something. Despite the poor scenography and the limited space, the opera has been well staged and very well sung. I enjoyed above all the lady interpreting the title role for his voice and his acting. Last but not list, after the closing of the opera, I mean after Tosca trowed yourself out of Castel Sant'Angelo, it was very suggestive coming out from the church and finding yourself in front of the real Castel Sant'Angelo. Priceless, definitely a must if you are in Rome!

Reviewed on TripAdvisor May 28, 2019 by Dario M

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Dates and Prices 2024

Tosca Highlights & Best Opera Hits


  • Fri 22 Mar 2024 at 7:30 PM
  • Fri 17 May 2024 at 7:30 PM
  • Mon 11 Nov 2024 at 7:30 PM


Ticket price

Concert and free Aperitivo
C1) ADULT € 30
C2) YOUTH: 18-25 y.o. € 25
C3) CHILD/TEEN: 6-17 y.o. € 8
C4) INFANT: 0-5 y.o. FREE
All prices include taxes and service charges.
All reduced fares require ID to be presented at the entrance.
Fare C3 and C4 tickets can only be purchased together with C1 or C2 tickets.
Seats in the hall are assigned upon arrival.


St. Andrew's Church of Scotland Via Venti Settembre 7, Rome (Italy),
right in front of the Ministry of Defense building.


Timetable and other info

  • The doors open 15 minutes before the concert start.
  • The concert lasts about 75 minutes and is without interval.
  • Free Aperitivo with the artists in the 30 minutes following the end of the concert.
  • No dresscode requested.

Box office

St. Andrew's Church of Scotland, Via Venti Settembre 7, Rome (Italy).
On the day of the concert, from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM.
In the summer period, i.e. from 21 June to 20 September, the box office will be open from 6.30 PM to 8.00 PM.


Tosca in Rome

Highlights & Best Opera Hits

A wide selection of Puccini's Tosca.
Following the Best Hits of the Opera and the most famous Neapolitan songs.

Free Aperitivo with Prosecco after the concert.

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